Subject: Beer Baron Festival, 2nd best Variety of Beers for a State Festival
Date: Mon, 06 Jun 2011 14:01:18 -0400
From: grynder

Barring the Great Taste of the Midwest, which I consider the best Festival, perhaps in the world, The Beer Barons World Of Beer Festival has now evolved into one of thee super, can’t miss events of the Wisconsin Festival season. This event, more than any other festival, offers the vastest array of the gems of the craft beer world from throughout this great country of ours, with the special loving emphasis of Wisconsin made brews. Taking place in an open yet roofed area, the selection of brews from many of the best craft brewers featured a plethora of "100" rated beers, served by dedicated intelligent beer advocates.

I was working the Tyranena table, and got only one break in the middle, and a last relief for the last 20 minutes. I used that time to pinpoint the highlights I was hearing about the time I was working.

These included, Surly Furious, the new Big Eddy IPA (lacked that wonderful hop aroma of the first batch, hope this wasn’t the final batch to be released), Firestone Double Jack (probably one of the most anticipated beers offered, impossible to get around here, one of the best Double IPA's I tried that day), New Glarus IIPA, still fantastic, Double Crooked Tree, Double Trouble, John Harrison of Delafield Brewing, who popped another of his magical Whisky Barrel aged monsters, and letting the precious nectar simply flow, it was up to you to get your glass under the spout , pretty amazing, as eager as everyone was to get their fragile glass under next, everyone remained polite and somewhat courteous.

Brian Loughrey once again got the thankless job of bending over that almost empty whiskey barrel that had aged Bourbon County Stout all afternoon with his turkey baster, giving all a sample of what this jewel tastes like before going to carbonation, by far one of the more popular stops of the afternoon. And finally for me, a stop at the Great Dane table for a swallow of that magnificent Belgian Barleywine that they and Kirby Nelson of Capital Brewing concocted, might have had my vote for the 2nd best taste of the day for me. The best taste award goes to the sample of 2011 Utopia that I had. This is still a miracle of nature, an aroma and flavor, unlike anything in this universe. There wasn’t enough for everyone, I was one of the fortunates.

Back at my Tyranena table, I spent the afternoon, pouring 3 Beaches for the ladies, Dirty Old Man for the real women and most guys, had to at least 6 times settle an argument about how exactly to pronounce the name of the brewery, was unable to answer people asking why there was no Bitter Woman offered, which would have made sense on a hot day like that, many people asked for Rocky’s Revenge, more then several people were very disappointed that Double Down and Dirtier was on the serving list but never showed, also assured several out of staters that they had not seen the last of Hop Whore, that it is one of the states most popular Double IPA's and would be released again.

Great Cheesehead music provided by the always popular Squeezettes with Crazy Mike doing his best David Lee Roth imitation jumping all over the place with his tuba.
Great brats served by the Schwabenhof crew, making a wurst the way only the Germans know how, and (this is one of the most spectacular features of this festival) I challenge anyone to tell me of a beer festival with better bathroom facilities than we had here. The only thing this festival may still be just a little behind in,is personal attendance by brewers themselves. We did have John from Delafield, Scott from St Francis, Russ from Lakefront, but it would be nice to see a few more. Once they realize what a quality event this is, I'm sure more may put this on their calender. And finally, Lord, we thank Thee for providing a perfect beer drinking day.