14th Annual Beer Barons' World of Beer Festival℠

By Beer Nuts, For Beer Nuts℠



What does the word "Mead" bring to mind? How about Honey & Vikings?

Ray Daniels launched a Mead Fest in Chicago. Since it's moved to Boulder now, several of us thought,"why not bring Mead back to the Midwest." We've already got honey producers, Mead Judges, and many Mead makers in the Beer Barons club, so, it's a natural.

Mead is one of the most ancient fermented beverages,mostly found throughout the northern regions of Europe. It's more or less fermented honey wine. Different varieties include spices, grapes, a variety of fruits, and even barley (part beer, part mead called braggot or bracket). There are almost as many varieties of mead as there are of beer so if you don't care for the first one you try, grab another sample!


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