Here are some frequently asked questions:

Can children attend?

Yes, but we don’t encourage it. Children under 18 may attend if accompanied by parent or legal guardian. Children may not be left unattended. Due to crowding concerns, strollers, wagons, and other similar carriers will not be permitted. Please note that the festival does not offer child-oriented activities and the Schwabenhof grounds’ playground will not be accessible during the festival.

What about parking?

There is limited parking at the Schwabenhof and we always compete with soccer games. We strongly encourage all attendees to use the shuttle buses or carpool. Using the shuttle also means a safe ride home with no need for a designated driver and no impaired driving and the risks that go with it.

Does the County Bus System go to the festival?

There is no Waukesha County bus system route near the festival and the Milwaukee County bus system doesn’t leave Milwaukee County. Silver Spring Dr is a major highway with no sidewalks. We do not recommend walking along it. So far as we know, our shuttle is the only transportation to the festival site other than a private taxi.

Do any nearby hotels have shuttles to the festival?

No, none of the hotels have shuttle service available. The festival offers a shuttle service from the LaQuinta and Hampton Inn. See the shuttle page.

What’s with the VIB℠ area?

The VIB℠ area (Very Interesting Beer℠) is for those people who like to try more unusual beers that aren’t readily available, are more expensive, or are limited releases. Some may be available in stores, some on a limited basis, some not. All are world class examples or very unusual. We try to offer the greatest variety we can. VIB℠ ticket holders may enter and leave the VIB℠ area as often as they like. We don’t offer free food, crappy swag, early admission (4 hours isn’t enough? ;), or other BS, just outstanding beers and occasionally mead.

Can non-VIB℠ ticket holders enter the VIB℠ area?

Designated drivers can enter the VIB℠ area if they are with VIB℠ ticketed attendees. General admission attendees may not enter the VIB℠ area regardless of whether they are with VIB℠ ticketed attendees. Sorry, but it’s hard to control the serving at that level.

Note: VIB℠ beverages are for consumption by VIB℠ ticket holders only. VIB℠ attendees are not permitted to give samples to non-VIB℠ attendees. Any VIB℠ guest doing this will be asked to leave the festival without refund.

Why do you have bottled beer rather than all draft, after all, isn’t draft better?

Many beers are not available in draft. Due to the size of the festival and how much beer is consumed we’re not able to have all draft beer. The volume we’d need to dump would be staggering.

The whole point of draft beer is the freshness because bars go through draft faster than bottles. In our case all our beer is likely fresher than anything you’d get in a bar or store. We get almost all our beer fresh from the distributor or brewery within three days of the festival and it’s locked in a walk-in cooler inside the Schwabenhof. There are some specialty items we have to order further in advance but those are only beers that benefit from aging. In fact, certain beers we buy one or more years in advance to age them for the festival.

Why is your festival so small?

That’s what we set out to do. We started small and are controlling growth to maintain the quality, lack of lines and crowding, providing more opportunity to talk to the brewers, and have a better overall experience. It all comes down to quality of experience at a reasonable price.

What’s with the homebrew?

The Beer Barons of Milwaukee  is a homebrewing club. We love promoting our hobby. We have dedicated hobbyists at the festival to discuss brewing as a hobby and offering samples of their beers. Check out the homebrew area on the patio. If you’re from a homebrew club we’d love to have you join us and serve your beer.

Can I get a refund on my unused ticket?

All sales are final and we cannot provide refunds for unused tickets.

Can I sell my ticket to somebody else?

Yes. You just need to log into the ticket system and change the name on the ticket(s). DO NOT buy paper tickets from anybody.

Can I get a replacement glass for the one I dropped and broke?

We do have some extra glassware at the festival. You can purchase additional glasses at the ticket booth or merchandise table.

Do you have shirts or other World of Beer Festival℠ merchandise available?

We sell t-shirts and glass lanyards during the festival.

Why don’t you offer more food choices?

The food is provided solely by the Schwabenhof Society and sales benefit their soccer club and training program. They have to be conscious of the cost and waste and sell what they have found to be the most popular items. Each year they increase the offerings to try new things. In 2012 they started offering roast chicken dinners in addition to the roast pork sandwiches, burgers, and brats. For 2013 they expanded to offer a pig roast (fantastic!). There, unfortunately, isn’t enough demand to offer vegetarian alternatives. We can not allow carry-in food or drinks other than pretzel necklaces some people wear. No backpacks or other packs are allowed into the festival grounds.

We strongly recommend that you patronize the Schwabenhof as the food is very good, especially the chicken and pork. Also, please treat their staff with courtesy – they are volunteers. The Schwabenhof also has an excellent friday fish fry and a popular prime rib night.