14th Annual Beer Barons' World of Beer Festival℠

By Beer Nuts, For Beer Nuts℠


World of Beer Festival℠ Committee Contact

If you have questions about the Beer Baron's World of Beer Festival℠ we'll be happy to answer them. We always appreciate feedback or suggestions about our festival.

Please do not contact the Schwabenhof regarding anything that is related to the festival - they cannot answer your questions.


Beer Barons of Milwaukee

If you have a festival that includes homebrewed beers and would like to invite the Beer Barons of Milwaukee to participate we gladly promote our club and hobby, time permitting. Contact the club here

Thinking about planning a beer festival?

We are contacted regularly about helping organizations organize beer festivals. We don't have the time or manpower. It takes more work than most people would ever guess. Most beer vendors and breweries are either maxed out or backing out of festivals because there are so many. If you don't already have your festival established it's unlikely that you would be able to get them to participate. Even if you do get a festival going, there's not a lot of profit in it for your charity (if you're not a charity nobody will work with you).

Want to be notified when tickets go on sale for the next fest? We only send a few emails in the months before each years festival.
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