About the Festival

Welcome to a small beer festival!

At the World of Beer Festival℠  we provide a world-class selection of beers, meads, and ciders to our guests in a small and easy-to-navigate environment. We prioritize keeping our lines short and expedient.

As our guest, you will be treated to beverages from Wisconsin and around the globe, in a friendly and thoughtful environment designed to avoid the pitfalls common to other beer festivals such as long lines, belligerent guests, and minimal food options.  Along with your beverages, you’ll enjoy traditional German food in a relaxing outdoor Bier Garden.

We think our festival is the best around. Here are some of the reasons why:

distinctive BEVERAGES from around the world.

An opportunity to taste over 350 different beers, meads, and ciders hand picked by the Beer Barons of Milwaukee and the brewers exposing their inner beer geek. We provide one of the best selections of meads of any beer festival.  See our vendor list for more details.

Very Interesting Beer (VIB℠) Area

Looking for world class examples of beers that aren’t readily available in our market, the more rare, unusual, and expensive beers? Limited admission for the true beer geek.

Presentations on beer, tasting, brewing, and history

By professionals in the beer and brewing industry.  Past speakers include: Randy Mosher, Lucy Saunders, and Robin Shepard.

Homebrew on the Patio

Introduction to homebrewing beer provided by The Beer Barons of Milwaukee and several other regional clubs. Vote for your favorite homebrew to see which homebrewer gets the “Best of the Fest Award”.

Outdoor Charm of a Bier Garden

Our venue, The Schwabenhof, is a large sheltered all-weather pavilion
located in Menomonee Falls just Northwest of the City of Milwaukee.
It has a shaded outdoor seating area and great food service with picnic tables! They offer a delicious menu of traditional Bier Garden eats for purchase, including their famous Pig Roast.

Shuttle Service for Safety and convenience

We want all our guests to maximize their enjoyment and safety at the World of Beer Festival℠.  We provide shuttle bus transportation from various locations around the festival grounds.